Postage & Packing

So... Amazon we're not. That means we're beholden to the postal powers-that-be, and therefore it's expensive to order one beautifully fragranced tin at a time. You might as well order three and then it'll feel a bit more worthwhile (and we might even throw in something nice if you're lucky).

You'll notice an eclectic mix of packing materials in your parcel. That's because we're very anti-waste and anti-plastic. Our commitment is to re-use and repurpose all the packing materials that we receive ourselves rather than adding more brand new plastic to the chain. So you might get a bit of bubble wrap that came with our labels one week, and some shredded kraft paper from a box of tins the next. Hopefully you'll keep it and re-use it yourselves.

The elephant in the room is the plastic inserts that we use in our tins. We're not happy about those, but they're a necessary evil until we can afford a friendlier alternative and we're working on some ideas for re-using and repurposing those as well.

If you'd like to help us save postage, packing AND the environment, maybe you could think about helping us secure a listing in your local supermarket by demanding to find Botanicos on-shelf next to your favourite tonic.